Why Sex Could Be Your Best Prescription

"Is it true that if you don't use it, you lose it?" Actually, yes, in a manner of speaking.Why Sex is Good for Your Health ? medical advantages Fun facts about your sign here Why sex is never enough for a good man.

why sex is good why sex education is important

What Your Mother Never Told You about Sex

Here are only a portion of the medical advantages of getting occupied between the sheets:

Reinforce your invulnerable framework

You’ll encounter a spike in immunoglobulin An, an immunizer that can ward off respiratory and stomach diseases. Other than sex here are 23 Cheats To Bulletproof Your Body.

Cut your prostate growth hazard


Why Sex Could Be Your Best Prescription
Why Sex Could Be Your Best Prescription

The more you discharge, the more cancer-causing agents you’ll flush out of your sex organ, say Australian specialists.

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Divide your danger of a lethal heart assault

Sex causes a surge in testosterone, a hormone that shields your heart from stretch. Here are some extra approaches to ensure your body with these 5 Surprising Food Combinations That Could Prevent Cancer, A Heart Attack and Other Health Risks.

Touch off your fat terminators

Amid an energetic episode of sex, men utilize 143 muscles and light the same number of kilojoules as amid a 15-minute run. The most ideal approach to consume fat is dependably practice so attempt The Best Fat-Burning Exercise, According To Science.

De-push your brain

why sex is good
why sex is good

After climax, your body discharges oxytocin, a hormone that goes about as a characteristic hostile to nervousness sedate.

Reward Tip: Turn Off the Tap

A messy first kiss can torpedo another sentiment, say

University at Albany analysts. They got some information

about kissing and found that 66% had finished a maturing relationship in light of the fact that the person endeavored to wet-vac their face. Why is it so difficult for us to keep down? Men have feeble tangible receptors, so we require wetter kisses to enhance the trading of pheromones contained in salivation.

The truth behind 12 sex myths

1. Men achieve their sexual crest at 18, and ladies come to theirs at 28

Valid: with respect to their supply of sexual hormones, at any rate. Testosterone crests at age 18 in men; ladies’ estrogen hits its high point in their mid-20s. “Be that as it may, crest hormones don’t mean crest sexual execution,” says Marc Goldstein, MD, a teacher of conceptive drug and urology at Cornell University’s Weill Medical College. So don’t hesitate to strive for an individual best

2. Semen is low-carb

False: “Semen is for the most part organic product sugar [fructose] and proteins – not low-carb,” says Dr Goldstein. Which at long last clarifies why there’s no oral sex slim down.

3. Masturbation yields the most grounded climax

Genuine: But it’s not a firm govern, in a manner of speaking. “It relies upon the individual,” says Jon l Pryor, MD, an educator of urologic surgery at the University of Minnesota. “For some it does, yet for others, nothing beats great ol’ intercourse.”

4. The average erection is 20cm

False: Relax, shorty. It’s closer to 15.

5. No penis is too large or too small for any vagina

True: But perception still wins the game in the end. “I was once at a dinner meeting with seven other sex doctors – six men and one woman,” says Dr Pryor. “The men all agreed that size doesn’t matter. The woman looked at us and said, ‘Think what you want. Size matters.’ We all left dejected.”

6. Oysters make you horny

False: You make you horny. “There is no scientific evidence that oysters increase libido,” says Dr  Pryor. “But there may be a placebo effect, so if it works, great!”

7. Green M&Ms make you horny

False: Unless they do. Then it’s true. Isn’t the mind wonderful?

8. Men think about sex every 7 seconds

False: That number is tossed around a lot, but the truth is that only 23% of men claim to fantasise frequently. But maybe the rest are just too distracted to check the clock.

9. Cutting out broccoli will make your semen taste better

True: Semen is naturally bitter, and eating broccoli and drinking coffee can make it worse. A ray of hope for the oral sex diet!

10. Having sex before an important event – the big game, the critical presentation – can ruin your performance in the event

False: Swiss researchers performed stress tests on people two and 10 hours after the subjects had had sex, and found that by 10 hours, the participants were fully recovered. There was only a small dip in performance two hours after sex.

11. Having sex in water (swimming pool, hot tub, shower) will kill sperm

True: Some of your swimmers may die, but it isn’t an effective method of birth control, according to Dr Pryor. Though a hot tub can overheat your testicles and kill sperm, there should be plenty left for the egg hunt.

12. You can be addicted to web porn

True: But the risk is low. Only 1% of all people who check out internet porn will become addicted. If you’re sporting a ring, be careful: 38% of addicts are married.

6 things that can seriously mess with your sex life

1. You have trouble reaching the big O

A mind or body block could lead to an O that’s MIA.

Physically, many women can’t orgasm from intercourse alone (bring on the clitoral stimulation!). Mentally, the issue is twofold: you need to be focused enough on the sex, but not so focused that you’re geo-tracking when you’re going to come.

Synch up: Slow. Down. Pay attention to how he’s kissing your neck or caressing your inner thigh.

“Our culture is so result-based, when sex is really about giving and receiving pleasure,” says Dr Fleming.

As for clitoral action, ask your guy to reach down and show him how you like it by either guiding his hands with yours or using sexy verbal cues. (“It drives me crazy when you start out slow and then get faster.”) Or take matters into your own hands…

2. He has trouble reaching it

A man’s ability to orgasm can change over time, says Dr Kerner. Sexual novelty is key for some men to get and stay aroused, so if the sex you’re having has become routine, it might be harder for him to orgasm.

Or if how you’re doing it conflicts with his masturbation style (he might go at it hard and rough solo, but you’re slow and sensual together), he might get used to his self-service approach.

Synch up: Schedule two or three 20-minute sessions per week to explore new turn-ons together, whether you do so by reading erotica, trying new positions or watching porn.

Even if you don’t have sex, introducing those sensations into the bedroom could help your guy bust out of that rut to achieve orgasm, says Dr Kerner. If he still can’t get there, he should talk to his doctor to rule out any physiological problems.

3. You’re on new birth control

If your sex drive took a hit soon after going on the Pill (within four to six weeks of starting), that’s likely the culprit.

Birth control pills can lead to a lower level of testosterone, and for some women that can mean lower sexual desire, says gynaecologist Dr Michael Krychman.

Synch up: Talk to your gynae. She might suggest an IUD, like the Mirena, or a different type of pill that has less impact on your hormones or, in some cases, she might suggest a testosterone supplement to counteract the effects of your current Pill.

4. He’s on an antidepressant

Many commonly prescribed antidepressants are in the class of drugs known as serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which can affect hormones and mess with desire.

He could have trouble getting or staying hard, or the meds can block or delay his orgasm, says Krychman.

Synch up: Experiment with the timing of sex. Getting your romp in before he pops his daily pill could up his chances of getting hard and getting off.

If it’s interfering heavily, his doctor can change his dose or prescription or adding a PDE5 inhibitor (meds like Viagra) to counteract the libido-lowering effects.

5. You were just promoted

So you’ve got more responsibilities and less time, which calls for you to take a look at your priorities. As caretakers, women juggle many things for themselves and for others, so when you have a long to-do list, sex might fall to the bottom (that is, if it even makes the list).

Synch up: Ask your man to help. If you usually split kid duties equally, ask him to take on more of your share until you settle into your new role. And create a calming place to come home to.

“You’re likely always going to have some amount of stress in your lives, so you need to build an environment that allows you to be sexual,” says Dr Kerner.

6. He just lost his job

Men’s sexual performance and self-esteem are closely linked.

“Our society teaches men to be performance-driven,” says Dr Fleming. “His ability to perform at his job and in bed are tied up in his identity.”

And that failure (at least in his eyes) is likely amplified if he’s the sole provider.

Synch up: “The foundation of arousal is relaxation,” says Dr Fleming, so find ways to help release some of that tension, like going for a run.

And in the bedroom, keep the intimacy humming without the expectation of sex to avoid making him feel pressured to perform. Give him a sensual massage or even just a long hug (at least 20 seconds). Physical contact can release oxytocin, which will boost your bond.