The diet of brown rice, how to lose 13 kg in a month

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The diet of brown rice, how to lose 13 kg in a month – the diet of The brown rice is a diet that lets you lose weight 3 quickly 3 + 9 days, thanks to the important properties contained in the rice.

The rice, in fact, is a food detoxifier, perfect for those who need to follow a detox diet, while the whole grain, being rich in fibers, is very suitable for those who suffer from constipation and of constipation.

Of course, to have all these benefits, you must choose the rice right, which is the integral one; the white boiled, thanks to its high amount of starch, it should be left as remedy grandmother to combat episodes of diarrhea. Also, being poor toxins and gluten, the rice is a good food for people with celiac disease and for those who want to follow a gluten-free diet. The rice, i.e. black rice or red, is perfect for those who suffer from high blood pressure or for those who have problems of high cholesterol.

How it works the diet of the rice to purify and lose weight? In this way: a schema is divided in two phases.

The first phase, the diet of rice purifying that lasts 3 days and is used to detoxify the body and eliminate all the accumulated toxins from the body, and that one is not able to expel with the evacuation and urination and that causes bloated tummy, digestion problems, exhaustion, tiredness without reason, etc., Second phase diet of rice, which lasts for 9 days and need to lose weight quickly.

The diet of rice for 3 days to detoxify the body – As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the diet of rice is divided into two phases, one detoxifying and the other slimming.

In the first phase, the diet of rice for 3 days to detoxify: you should eat 80 grams of brown rice during meals, alternating it maybe to cereals such as barley, rye, millet, or quinoa, which is gluten-free.

What to eat in these 3 days? – Breakfast: cream of rice dessert, to prepare just boil the rice in plenty of water and then blend everything, and add a teaspoon of honey or red fruits;
Lunch: brown rice boiled in so much water, leaving absorb in the rice as much water as possible + a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil + a fruit;
Dinner: prepare a soup of brown rice, quinoa or barley + boiled vegetables. The vegetables must be boiled separately.