Broccoli creats intestinal bacteria that defeat the colorectal cancer

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Surprising Discovery Reveals How Broccoli Fights Cancer

A study conducted in Singapore showed how from a simple and harmless microorganism already present in the human intestine, it is possible to create intestinal anti-cancer bacteria.

The alliance between broccoli and intestinal bacteria may soon be the most effective weapon against colorectal cancer. A study conducted at the University of Singapore and published in the journal “Nature Biomedical Engineering” showed how, from a simple and harmless microorganism present in the human intestine, it has been possible to create intestinal anti-cancer bacteria, capable of reversing the disease and with preventive effects on the growth of cancer itself.

Bacterium E. coli Nissle


The basis of this research is the harmless bacterium E. coli Nissle that normally lives in the human intestine. The scientists modified it genetically so that the microorganism became a probiotic that could recognize and stick to the surface of the cancer cells, finally transforming a substance present in broccoli and similar vegetables into a powerful anticancer weapon. The anti-cancer weapon enters and kills nearby tumor cells while it has no effect on healthy cells.

The fact that the sulforafano, a substance produced from broccoli and cabbage, had medicinal properties was known, but the real news is that some intestinal bacteria can increase its level and be effective in cancer induced in animals used as guinea pigs.

Galeazzi Analysis Laboratory of Milan


“That the combination of intestinal bacteria and the goodness and type of food ingested was a panacea for our body was known for some time, this time the researchers in Singapore, with the study published in” Nature “, leave incredible hopes for prevention, and perhaps the cure of one of the most frequent tumors in our population, such as that of the colon-rect “: this is the comment of Professor Lorenzo Drago, professor of the University of Milan, director of the Galeazzi Analysis Laboratory of Milan and member of the Board AMCLI, the Italian Clinical Microbiology Association.

Colorectal cancer is one of the most common in rich countries. Although the five-year survival rates from diagnosis are relatively high when the cancer is diagnosed early, survival declines considerably in the advanced stage of disease and the risk of recurrence is high.

Broccoli extract kills over 95% of tumor cells


Surprising Discovery Reveals How Broccoli Fights CancerExperts have shown that a mix of engineered probiotic and broccoli extract kills over 95% of tumor cells in tube experiments. The mix has no effect on other types of cancer but is specific for colorectal cancer. In addition, tested on sick mice, the probiotic-broccoli mix reduces tumor cells by 75%. Finally, if the cocktail is given to the mice before they even get cancer, the disease that appears in the animals once sick is much smaller and easier to treat.

Experts see two possible uses of the probiotic, both for preventive purposes, when taken in combination with a diet that contains broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables, and as a treatment to remove the cancer cells left in place after surgical removal of the tumor disease.

“There are many functions of the intestinal microbiota – the intestinal bacteria – for the health of the individual, but his study requires very sophisticated gene sequencing technologies and bioinformatic processing of the result of high complexity, as well as highly qualified staff. that in the future the researchers will find themselves more and more dealing with the study of this important organ, even though recently it has been seen that one of the urgent needs is to face such sophisticated investigations in a more standardized and controlled manner “, recalled Pierangelo Clerici , AMCLI President and Director of the Microbiology Operating Unit of the Milanese West Territorial Social Health Authority.

“It is important to develop the use of genetically modified bacteria to identify new and more effective mechanisms to combat aggressive forms of cancer. Above all for studies that aim to block and deactivate the mechanisms through which the cancer cell feeds and develops. In this the clinical microbiologists are at the side of genetic research to offer the maximum collaboration for the benefit of an increasingly effective and applicable therapy on a large scale “, concluded Clerici.

All cruciferous veggies (think cauliflower, cabbage, kale) contain cancer-fighting properties, but broccoli is the only one with a sizable amount of sulforaphane, a particularly potent compound that boosts the body’s protective enzymes and flushes out cancer-causing chemicals, says Jed Fahey, ScD. A recent University of Michigan study on mice found that sulforaphane also targets cancer stem cells—those that aid in tumor growth.