Pay Attention to Three Simple Ways to Become a Better Kisser

For women it can be a deal breaker. For men it’s can be nerve racking.


Because kissing is important in love and sex, especially since it’s usually your first initial physical contact with a new partner, a bad kiss can end things before they even start. A 2012 survey by the State University of New York at Albany found that the majority of people will end a relationship because of a bad kisser, with 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women, saying adieu to someone who just can’t kiss very well.

I do think that bad kissing is subjective. While you may not like to have your teeth licked during a makeout session, I’m sure someone out there does, and if that makes them happy and turns them on, then good for them! I once had a guy suck on my chin, and although I thought it was horrifying, I believe he’s out there right now sucking on someone else’s chin and they’re LOVING it.

According to research the effect a great kiss has is like a drug. As the body’s most prominent erogenous zone and packed full of 12 cranial nerves that shoot impulses to our brain, an awesome kiss can actually make you feel high. But without all those negative side effects of actual drug addiction.

Three Simple Ways to Become a Better Kisser

For women it can be a deal breaker. For men it’s can be nerve racking. Yet when done right it’s body tingling amazing. The power of a kiss can leave an impression which lasts a lifetime, and there is research to prove it.

From all the studies which have been conducted, similar results reinforce the importance of being a good kisser. Many couples report that their satisfaction with their relationship is proportional to the amount they kissed.  A recent study found that 59 percent of men and 66 percent of women reported breaking things off with a prospective partner because of it. In the same study couples remembered their first kiss more than when they lost their virginity.

While we do not want to increase your stress or anxiety about kissing your special someone, we want to help you. Even with the possibility of your relationship hanging in the balance, improving your kissing skills can be as easy as 1-2-3. We have put together three easy steps to help you become a better kisser to ensure you build your relationship not end it with a kiss.

Pay Attention to the Kiss

Even with your heart racing and your nerves on edge, you need to consciously focus and concentrate on every aspect of the kiss. Tune into the softness and warmth of their lips; feel your partner’s body against yours; listen to the almost inaudible moans. Making the conscious effort to do this will not only make you a more attentive kisser, it will also take your mind off how well you are kissing. It will allow you to relax and immerse yourself in the signals your partner is sending you. This will allow you to be more natural and sensual with your kiss.

Change Things Up

There is much more to kissing than locking lips. As you are kissing, take moments when you break away from kissing to steal little moments of passion builders. As you stop a passionate kiss, stare deeply into your partner’s eyes before returning to your kiss. Change from kissing their lips to gently and lightly nibbling their bottom lip. You can even trace their lips ever so lightly with your tongue. Interjecting different sensations during kissing increases the pleasure by heightening the senses.

Touch with Sensuality

Kissing is as sensual as it is because of how sensitive our lips are, but that isn’t the only part of our body which reacts well to touch. Nothing makes a kiss sultrier than playfully exploring where your partner will feel the most pleasure. The obviously sexy areas are good, but it’s even more passion-inducing if you are creative and unexpected.

Gently run your fingers through their hair, hold onto it with a soft tug before letting go. Run your fingers over their scalp in a circular motion. If you are unsure of what feels best, practice in your own hair. You will find out how sexy this feels and why it will make you a better kisser. You can then move from caressing their scalp and hair to rubbing their back. Lightly let your hands travel up and down their spine. You can tie it all together by moving from their back to their cheek, chin and neck as you are kissing.

Make your kiss a passionate, sultry trademark and you will leave them yearning for more of the irresistible, sexy you.